Diwali Special Homemade sweets Recipes

On the festival of Diwali, we clean the house and make sweets at home, sweets are made on every festival and we can enjoy more by eating fresh and home made sweets . Making sweets is Indian Traditional culture and homemade sweets pure and fresh , made with cleanliness and if you add sugar in perfect quantity, can be eaten very well. You can also cook  at home by watching all the recipes made in the  Rasoi.me in my kitchen. I am sharing with you easy sweets  recipes like Besan Barfi, Cashew Katli, Cashew Roll, Shahi Ghevar, Gujiya, Mawa Kachori and Khopra Pak etc.

BEsan Barfi /Besan Chakki Recipe- https://rasoi.me/besan-barfi-recipe/

Mava Kaju Rolls- https://rasoi.me/mava-kaju-rolls-recipe/
Sindhi Dryfruit Wada Recipe- https://rasoi.me/sindhi-dryfruit-wada-recipe/
Sindhi Majoon Recipe- https://rasoi.me/sindhi-majoon-winter-sweet-recipe/
Khopra Pak | Khopra Barfi Recipe-  https://rasoi.me/khopra-pak-recipe/
Shahi Ghevar Recipe-
 Til Gud Laodo Recipe- https://rasoi.me/til-gud-ladoo-recipe/

Dryfruit Gujiya Recipe- https://rasoi.me/dryfruit-gujiya-recipe/

KAju Katli Recipe


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