Udaipur’s First Cloud Kitchen with Healthy Food

Why miss ghar ka khana when Rasoi.me is here!!

Rasoi.me, a startup from Udaipur, is a cloud kitchen concept Order food online. This restaurant was founded by Ms. Martina Motwani with the objective of giving a healthy lifestyle to people. This is Homemade Food  the USP of the restaurant. 

The food is cooked with love, taking care of all the hygiene, using fresh ingredients, all with a touch of health. The founder has learned very hard how important it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and the major part of our lifestyle is covered by what we eat. Our food habits directly affect our body. 

People are much aware of the importance of healthy food. But most of the time due to our hectic schedule, we do not pay attention to what we eat. This may be due to our busy schedule that does not give us the time to cook healthy food, sometimes we do have the time but lack the enthusiasm, and sometimes we just crave for tasty food neglecting the health factor. 

Rasoi.me has just realized the pain points of the public and so, came up with the concept of providing healthy and tasty food at your doorsteps Zomato Online Order


Do you know what is the best part of Rasoi.me’s home cooked food ? You will be very happy to know that Rasoi.me prepares your food on an order basis. That means whenever you give an order, only then your food will start getting prepared unlike many restaurants where the food is stored for many days. 

Also, to add, that the food can be customized according to your taste. Be it your fast, or if you are a spice lover or a new mother, Rasoi.me has everything for everyone. You can also customize your order quantity (Full/ Half/ Quarter). This can be done by using the customize option in Zomato Online Restaurant.

The hours of operation for accepting full meal orders are 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm. Items containing bread are served on weekends as per demand. Starters and breakfast items are available on all week days.

Rasoi.me makes adjustments in its menu for weekdays and weekends according to what people would like to have on respective days.

Rasoi.me is one of the kinds of restaurants to include Sindhi cuisine in its menu along with South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Fast Food Cuisines. Find Rasoi.me on Zomato Home Delivery restaurants near me.

Why miss ghar ka khana when Rasoi.me is here!! 

Now, Udaipurites can order home cooked Rasoi.me food from Zomato, ensuring fresh and hygienic packing and timely delivery. Enjoy delightful food at the comfort of your home.



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