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Our website Rasoi.me is a package full of food blogs and mouth watering homemade food recipes, which everyone wishes to eat at their homes rather than opting for outside food. It is the most convenient way for all the foodies across India to learn Easy, healthy and nutritious food recipes and make their taste buds melt with delicious cuisines.

Rasoi.me not only provides its audiences with recipes contemplating their health and nutrition but also helps them balance their taste keeping their physical fitness and nutrition level in consideration.

It tries to show easy ways of preparing food which people love, in a very convenient way. Along with, you can also prepare the food at your home when your mother or wife is away and you really want to eat something homey and healthy. Also, you can surprise your mom, siblings or friends by making these recipes for parties, small get together’s, family dinners, Brunches with friends, party with colleagues and hostel buddies etc. These recipes will not only lighten up their food buds but will also help them to not miss their family food while staying away.

For all the men and women, who love home cooked food but doesn’t know how to prepare it, here’s a great treat for you. You can learn tasty home cooked recipes and delicacies through simplest of the simple ways at home. You can also make someone happier, who’s sad and not talking to you in just a click of fingers. There are special dishes even for kids who need snacks every 15 minutes. Zero oil recipes are what make our Rasoi.me different. Instant Rasoi.me snacks for the elderly and for the newly pregnant would be mothers and that to in the fastest speed is our forte and passion too.

Food is everything when we talk about living life and having pleasure. So why not make it worth and healthy. From Grandma’s well being to Papa’s smile, from mother’s health to brother’s taste, from kid’s food fantasies to sister’s cravings, our site Rasoi.me prepares food by keeping everyone in mind.

Your entire family’s happiness is precious to us. Join us for more.