How induction cookers could improve the chef working environment?

Many people admire the job of being a chef, considering them the excellent people with special skills to delight everyone. In fact, it is true. Chefs with great skills have always been the most important staff in hotels and restaurants. A restaurant can not operate without a chef who can make foods to meet people’s tastes, so you can see how important they are.

The other day I read an article about the mental health of chefs in the spotlight. I realized chefs may have a glamorous career, but their working environment and occupational health are often overlooked. However, the popularization of commercial induction cookers greatly improved their working environment. Why? Commercial induction cookers provide a more efficient cooking technology while reducing their work. So how induction cookers can improve kitchen environment and chefs physical and psychological health?
Lestov commercial induction cookers are considered to be the most efficient cooking method comparing to the electrical and gas stoves, and get more and more attention in the markets.
Commercial induction cookers work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the alternating current goes through the copper coil, it creates an alternating magnetic field with changing directions, A vortex current will occur in the interior of a conductor (pot/ pan) in this alternating electromagnetic field. The joule heat effect of the eddy current heats up the conductor (pot/pan), thereby achieving heating. In this process, it is the pot/pan heating itself without heat transfer in between, so its thermal efficiency reaches up to 97% while electrical cookers could reach around 74% and gas cookers approximately 40%. This explain why induction hobs could save energy while increase working efficiency —nearly no energy is wasted but all goes to heat the foods!

1. Environment friendly: Induction cooking has no combustion exhaust emissions, no consumption of oxygen, providing a healthy breathing environment for chefs.

2.Improve working conditions: Reduce kitchen temperature and reduce noise pollution (the main sources of kitchen noise are stove blast, smoke hood fan and equipment motor).
Moreover, induction cooktops offers easy operation and powerful methods to make all kinds of foods:
1. Fully functional in all kinds of cooking: It can completely and easily achieve all kinds of cooking functions such as grill, stir-frying, boiling, steaming, stewing, braising, stewing and boiling, etc., which are suitable for occasions where fuel supply is restricted like the airport, train stations, shopping malls, mining field, petroleum refinery, etc.

2. Easy operation and maintenance: One-key operation and digital display makes cookings very simple. The chefs do not need to change their cooking habit like toss wok. Furthermore, there also adopt intelligent computer control technology with automatic of no pot detection, overheating /over current / over voltage detection to reduce any hidden danger.
In China, in the wake of open kitchen and green catering, restaurants and hotels in first-tier and second-tier cities started replacing Commercial Cooking Equipment with induction stoves, and is growing rapidly at a rate of 12% a year. These changes not only lay the foundation for the standardization of modern catering industry, but more importantly improve work efficiency and working environment. No doubt, chef is a respectful and admiring professional. With complementary cooking techniques and good working environment , their work would be easier and easier. No wonder many girls would prefer to marry chefs


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